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AB45 3HS

Comfy Cuddy Horse Bedding – Half Tonne Pallet

1 half pallet of Comfy Cuddy Horse Bedding straw pellets




Description:  1 half pallet which contains 35 x 15kg bags of Comfy Cuddy straw pellets
Comfy Cuddy Horse Bedding is made from locally produced and sourced Scottish wheat straw
Absorption capacity of 4 times its own weight
3 times dust extracted
No chemical ingredients
Binds ammonia smell more efficiently
Highly biodegradable
Produces a very cushioned bed – “memory foam” type
Heat treated straw to remove the risk of mould and spores
Specially selected straw
Removes the need to wet pellets to start a bed
Large soft pellets which are easily crushed. 

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