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How To Use

The following section provides a step by step illustration of how to use SJ straw pellets to make up a fresh stable bed.

Laying a new stable bed with ease!

It’s really quick and easy! Watch the short video or have a look at the simple steps below

  • Lay the pellets
  • Spread the pellets
  • No watering required
  • Lead in the horse
  • Let the horse crush the pellets
  • The bed keeps building

Step 1:

To start a fresh bed you will need approximately 7 bags in a 12 x 12 stable. Evenly spread Comfy Cuddy straw pellets across the floor.

Step 2:

Allow horse to move freely over pellets.  Pellets will crush under the horse or ponies hooves and over time will build up to a very cushioned highly absorbent bed

Step 3:

Skip out solids and obvious wet areas as required daily.  From trials at home this method works well with weekly pushing bed back and removing any wet areas which had been missed during the week.

Step 4:

Top up on average 1 bag per week.  Either placing fresh bag or top of current bed or ideally underneath. 

Points to note:

  1. After the initial couple of weeks you will be able to gauge your horse’s usage. If you require to add more pellets or, have longer periods of time between top ups.
  2. Some horse may attempt to eat the pellets initially, however they usually find them like “eating dry crackers” and do not get very far than a few mouthfuls. If this it becomes a problem we recommend you only sprinkle water on top of pellets on floor (do not soak as they will turn to mush) this will instantly allow pellets to swell and discourage any eating.

Bedding options

Comfy Cuddy straw pellets are highly adaptive as a bedding which suits most horses and management types. 

  1. They can be used as the sole bedding creating a deep cushioned highly absorbent bed
  2. As a base under straw or shavings for example. The addition of our straws pellets creates a extremely absorbent base, eliminating the ammonia smell which is often associated with traditional straw
  3. The pellets work just as well on mats, either laying a deep bed or a thin layer to mop up any wet, keeping your horse drier and cleaner
  4. To create banks in stables add as many bags as you wish until the required bed is formed.
  5. Mixing with your current bedding, with our Comfy Cuddy straw pellets having greater absorption than other common types of bedding, our pellets increase bedding absorption capacity as well as enhancing the bed comfort.

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