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  1. What are the advantages of straw pellets?

a. Very labour efficient – they are a specifically large soft pellet , capable of being easily crushed by your equine partners hooves.

  • Horse or pony does the work for you
  • No carrying of water
  • No waiting for pellets to soak
  • Allowing you to get on with other tasks
  • Horses do not start off with a damp bed, instantly providing a more absorbent bed
  • Bed is springy and soft

b. Only specially selected straw is used. The majority of the straw is home grown or locally sourced within a few miles of our plant in Aberdeenshire.   Having low travel miles and in turn contributing to the local economy and supporting other local businesses

c. Guaranteed a quality pellet, only straw with particular moisture will be used. This is similar to a combine harvester only crops of certain moisture will go through the combine.  As with our straw pellets, inferior straw will simply not be processed through the plant

d. Straw pellet muck is highly biodegradable. Straw pellet manure provides the ideal environment for decomposition.  Straw pellet muck from beds will degrade even faster than other beddings as less bedding is being added to the muck heap.

e. Greatly reduced smell of ammonia in stables. Due to straw pellets high absorbency, they lock in moisture reducing the notorious ammonia smell, improving the environment for you and your horse

f. Highly cushioned bed – straw is a naturally soft plant fibre which once crushed from pellet the plant fibres bind and give a memory foam mattress feel

g. Heat treated – pellets are heat treated which kills spores, moulds and bacteria

h. Dust extracted – our pellets go through a 3 times dust extracted process ensuring your bedding is as dust free as possibly can be for you and your horse.

What’s Special About SJ Straw Pellets?

SJ Straw Pellets offers a range of benefits to traditional horse and livestock bedding.

  • The straw pellets have an absorption capacity of 4 times their own weight
  • Our process involves 3 times dust extracted
  • There are no chemical ingredients
  • The straw pellets bind the ammonia smell more efficiently
  • The straw pellets are highly biodegradable
  • The straw pellets produce a very cushioned bed – “memory foam” type
  • The straw has been heat treated to remove the risk of mould and spores
  • We use specially selected straw
  • There is no need to wet the pellets to start a bed
  • Large soft pellets which are easily crushed

Straw Pellets Absorbency Test

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